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Harvest Movement - Evangelistic Ministry




Doctor Jesus is here!

During our ministry activities and events we have seen hundreds of people getting miraculously healed by Jesus. There are so many stories of lives that were completely changed with just one touch from God. 

Blind woman gets healed

During a trip at a village in Indonesia, one woman was 100% blind because of smoke and small pieces of wood that went into her eyes many years ago. While our team prayed she said "sand is coming out of my eyes"

Dozens healed in Portugal

During a conference in Portugal, dozens of people got healed from many different diseases infirmities.

Partially deaf girl hears again in a tribe in Thailand

A young girl was completely deaf of one ear until Jesus came and healed her. She finally could hear fully again and commotion broke out in her family.

Crippled man walks freely again

During house visits our team came across a crippled man, injured from a motorcycle accident. After he got completely healed there was so much joy at his house that his wife cried out "I believe God has visited my house today"

"I can move my hand but i can't feel the stiches"

At a conference meeting a young girl with bandaged hands said that she had a very bad cut in her hands. She came into the meeting not being able to move her hands and with a lot of pain. After, she was pain free and being able to fully move her hand and also when she touched the area that was cut, she could not feel the stitches anymore

Man gets healed and brings his entire faimly to Jesus

Our team met a man and his son at a night market in Thailand. We prayed for his legs and he was fully healed. This shocked him so much that he came to Jesus and brought his entire family.
There are many other testimonies like these. God is powerfully moving in the nations revealing himself to people. To see more testimonies click here (new page coming soon)

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

You can join us for a unique experience and be a part of what God is doing among the nations. Get in touch to see how you can participate in one of our short term mission trips and/or conferences.
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NOVEMBER 13 & 14

Take hold of your God-given identity and
boldly walk like Jesus says you can.

Reach is a two-day equipping event hosted by YWAM Experience Asia in Kuala Lumpur for believers of all ages and backgrounds. Reach will equip you to be who Jesus created you to be, empowered to walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit as a lifestyle! Live the gospel and join us as we commission sons and daughters to go and make disciples among all nations!