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 Language Learning

Field Based

Get credit for learning a language YWAM
This is an online language course to give you credits with language learning with YWAM

Course description

Get credits for learning a language on the field. This program is for those that have done or who are considering doing a Discipleship Training School.


This course offers credit for language acquisition that goes beyond classroom learning to on-the-field language learning whilst interacting with the community being reached. The foreign language is acquired, then, both through formal classes and in everyday life, whether on the street, in the marketplace, or through ongoing personal relationships built over time. Students are trained in language acquisition skills during Foundations for Intercultural Studies (HMT 271) or an equivalent course, and then will complete a period of practical language learning, using the aforementioned relationship-oriented approach to language study. Students are required to demonstrate regular advance in their language skills and assessment of language competence will be made at pre-determined time intervals. The grade and number of credits awarded will be based on the level of progress made by the student.

Outreach objectives

We desire to run a school to give credit to people for their practical applied learning in a foreign culture and also to use their field-based learning to help them achieve a future degree to help them get visas and serve full time in difficult to reach areas. We want participants in the outreach phase to learn not just language but how to relate with the people of a different culture, share God's love with them and model kingdom culture in their new context. We see that it meets the overall goals and objectives of evangelizing and discipling nations as participants are following God's commandment by going out and making disciples of all nations.

Language learning with YWAM

Course outcomes

Humility. (Attitude)

Students will demonstrate humility by loving and honoring those around them; valuing others by learning their language, learning to enjoy their food and embracing how they do things.

Perseverance. (Attitude)

Students will demonstrate perseverance in language learning and cultural adaptation.

Selflessness. (Attitude)

Students will demonstrate perseverance in language learning and cultural adaptation.

Connecting on the ground (Knowledge)

Students will know how to connect with locals and share the gospel, engage in a sensitive way with locals so as to share God’s love and the Gospel. They will know ways to engage with locals that would be appropriate in their target nation and avoid any taboos.

Learn local worship songs and contextual language (Knowledge)

Students will learn local worship songs to help supplement your Christian language base.

 How to find language exchange partners. (Knowledge)

Students will identify ways to find language helpers and build relationships with locals.

Person of Peace (Knowledge)

Students will identify a person or persons of peace.

Disciplined and diligent (Skill)

Students will demonstrate discipline and diligence in manage their time wisely in attending classes, studying, and practising study material.

 Relating to people in a different culture (Skill)

Students will relate to people with different backgrounds, mindsets and in a different language.

To Seek God’s kingdom first (Skill)

Students will seek God's kingdom through prayer, engagement and intercession for the area and people.


Onsite: $1000 USD

Virtually: $250 USD


Arrival: 31 August 2022

Departure: 2 March 2023

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